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Establishing a sound relationship with you and your family comes first. You talk and we listen, and once we understand your motivations, we develop a clear picture of your current financial situation, future goals, and risk tolerance. On that foundational knowledge, our professionals build and implement customized financial plans. But we don’t stop there. You can also benefit from our comprehensive tax planning services. And should you ever need help in other areas of your life, especially those which affect your finances, we have an established network of trusted professionals to which we will confidently refer.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

The signature service for high net worth individuals is our specialized, concierge-style Wealth Management offering. Our team not only delivers financial strategies, but also actively implements and manages these plans for you, encompassing your short- and long-term objectives, retirement goals, estate planning needs, wealth transfer strategies, and more.


Personalized Financial Planning

Our firm offers individualized advisory services from a team of certified financial professionals that take pride in designing comprehensive financial plans for you and your family. Our financial services include investment advisory and planning for your personal needs such as retirement and college savings. These customized plans can help you achieve your priorities, think holistically about your current financial situation, and prepare for long-term success.


Executive Financial Planningrfa_services04-1b

Our Executive Financial Planning services are designed to help companies and their executives feel more confident in their financial future by providing experienced planning services targeted to corporate executives as an employment benefit.

Our financial services for Executives are designed to allow busy executives to focus their energy on their job requirements and other personal obligations, and leverage our expertise on the complexities of their financial futures.


Tax Preparation and Accountingrfa_services03

Whether you select full Wealth Management services or choose a Financial Planning option, you can receive the added benefit of our professional Tax Preparation and Accounting services for your family, including personal income tax returns, fiduciary and trust income tax returns, gift tax returns, accounting, and more.


IMPACT WEALTH STRATEGIESIntegratedWealth_siteimages_Service

An overlay to our traditional Wealth Management service offering, our firm delivers strategies designed to help you invest with intention, with an eye toward sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. Your future is always top of mind to us, and your investments can reflect your vision for the future, in a diversified portfolio that is solution-oriented for the changing world.