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Executive Financial Planning

Companies invest a significant amount of time and resources in their senior talent.  Offering  executive financial planning as a corporate benefit can maximize that investment, providing significant value to both the executive and to the company as an important component of a competitive total rewards package.

Adding Value to the Company:

  • Help executives understand, appreciate and appropriately utilize their corporate benefit and compensation plans.
  • Leverage the corporate benefit team’s time, assisting the executive with implementing benefit decisions that are integrated with their overall financial plan.
  • Reduce the executive’s time commitment and anxiety associated with personal financial decisions so they can focus on their corporate responsibilities, while assuring their personal financial life remains in order.
  • Coordinate the executive’s personal financial planning to adhere to company compliance policies, thus protecting the reputation of the company and the executive.

Adding Value to the Executive:

  • Leverage the executive’s time while assuring that the complexities of their financial and personal lives are balanced with the demands of their corporate responsibilities.
  • Alleviate fear and worry about efficiently utilizing company benefit plans and assuring that annual elections are enacted on a timely basis.
  • Help define personal objectives and integrate financial decisions through comprehensive financial planning across company benefits and personal financial assets.
  • Assist in navigating the complexity of tax planning and tax preparation, including filing federal, state and local tax returns accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Provide a dedicated advisor who acts as a centralized resource, provides comprehensive financial expertise, and maintains confidentiality in all client interactions.

Overall, companies recognize that providing executive financial planning is a benefit aligned with shareholder value as a means of maximizing the ROI of corporate benefit programs, retaining senior talent, and assuring compliance in a complex regulatory environment.

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