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Affiliation: Clinical Educator and Addiction Specialist for Mirmont Treatment Center

For many people, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant paying a price
with their mental health. Losses have been felt with changes at home and within organizations, disrupted work routines, isolation from family and friends, even grief. Whether the ongoing pandemic has added stress and anxiety, contributed to loneliness, increased financial strain, or decreased productivity, it’s been hard to escape these significant impacts on our emotional wellness. Join us to discover tools for self-care and mindfulness in order to protect your mental health and support your general well-being.  Join Jessica Molavi as she discusses The Impact of Covid on Mental Health and Effective Tools For Self Care.

Jessica Molavi began her career with Mirmont over 10 years ago as a primary clinician working directly with clients in the Inpatient setting for treatment of Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health and Trauma. She received a specific certification as an Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist in 2011, allowing her to focus attention to those patient’s struggling with Chronic Relapse Syndrome and work with the staff to build a specific program to support the treatment of relapse. She also completed a 42 hour Trauma Competency training, and certification for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), a specific approach to treatment Trauma, allowing her to support clients in addressing and processing their underlying core emotional issues while in the Inpatient Setting. Following this, Jessica became Clinical Supervisor to the Inpatient Unit, overseeing the Clinical team, treatment programming and working with clients and their families to provide a superior patient experience. She also over saw the Outpatient Unit, opening up experience to treatment for Mental Health as well as Adolescent care. With a wide range of knowledge and expertise, Jessica is able to support the needs of those who seek help and treatment for Behavioral Health Issues and Concerns, and assist those who may be trying to access this help on behalf of the person in need.

She will now be available to all MLH Hospital and Program Staff to offer training and education about Substance Use Disorders, and any related topics, such as working with the Addicted Client, Trauma and Addiction, treating relapse and Current Addiction Trends. She will also serve as a liaison for anyone in need of Behavioral Health services, and be available to support referrals, admissions, interventions, resources and assessment for appropriate levels of care. She is available to meet with you and your staff and present a full over view of all the Behavioral Health Services available within our MLH system and provide support in any way needed.

Please feel free to reach out to her directly to schedule a time to meet and discuss where she can best be helpful to you and your staff. She can be reached via email at Molavij@mlhs.org and by phone 610-675-9937.

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