About Us

Investment Approach

RFA_ManagementStructure-ImageA Focus on Personalized Asset Allocation

Our investment approach focuses on you — designing an investment strategy which will achieve your goals and objectives and with which you will be comfortable. We incorporate a holistic comprehensive view of your total financial picture in our investment strategy, aggregating all of your assets (regardless of whether we are managing them) for a complete solution. We then utilize a multi-asset, multi-manager process that allows us to provide a uniquely diversified investment solution.

Our investment approach involves three tiers:

  • The top tier is you, our client
  • The middle tier is our portfolio management
  • The bottom tier is the managers/investments selected to implement the strategies

We begin with you, discussing investment experience, short-term and long-term needs, retirement horizon, and the level of risk you are comfortable taking. We then draw on these insights to help build a personalized investment strategy.

We then blend your personal investment information with our investment process to build an appropriate investment strategy designed for you and your family. The basic tenets of our strategy are asset allocation, portfolio diversification, periodic rebalancing, low costs, a long-term perspective, and maintaining an even keel, as all investments will experience periods of overperformance and underperformance over time.

Our investment team then utilizes our extensive due diligence process, carefully evaluating the returns, risks, costs, and tax efficiency of various investments/managers before arriving at the right investments to utilize for your portfolio. Being an independent advisor allows us to unbiasedly select from the broad universe of investments/managers to utilize specific investments to meet your needs.

Customized Asset Allocation

Each client is different. So it goes without saying that the mix of asset classes that you invest in (your Asset Allocation) should be unique. Our team of consultants will develop an appropriate asset allocation for you based on your needs and appetite for risk. The goal is to establish a long-term strategy using a core mix of assets, and then leverage portfolio diversification to reduce the overall portfolio risk without compromising the return.


Ongoing Monitoring and Portfolio Reallocation

A hallmark of our approach is our proactive service, performing ongoing monitoring, review, and evaluation of your investment portfolio. We perform reallocations as necessary in response to economic shifts, specific investment performance, and changing needs and goals. These adjustments keep your investment portfolios aligned with your overall plan.