About Us


Radnor Financial Advisors, LLC was founded in 1989 with an unwavering mission to be an independent, objective, fee-only advisory firm providing customized, client-focused services. We continuously strive to earn our clients’ trust by prioritizing their needs and financial goals and constantly acting in their best interest, which we believe has been instrumental to our success and growth to manage more than $1.6 billion in assets.

In 2016, we transitioned to a new company structure, Radnor Financial Advisors, LLC, and formalized a succession plan for the leadership and ownership of Radnor Financial Advisors that brought certainty and long-term direction to the firm and ensured our ability to serve you without disruption in the high quality of service we strive to provide. We continue to operate with the same passion, comprehensive planning focus, and investment philosophy that have been in place since our inception.

For more than 25 years, we have focused on providing clients like you with peace of mind, a trusted reputation, and superior service to help them achieve their life’s goals.